HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth in CANADA

HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth in CANADA

I often hear unique biases on repeaters, but more on this Toronto repeater VE3TWR opinions about subjects.

More recently I often hear an ignoramus commenting about subjects he does not know about or his huge bias.  His typical "alienatingand "disparaging" abuse spewing over the years is common.  Someone with limited knowledge on the subject of digital added with his bias to baofeng as a user on only FM analog and maybe a linear method of thinking.

As many are educated to what DMR-Marc expansive network looks like, and some may incorrectly compare to boafeng transceiver usage. (Digital Mobile Radio = DMR) aka : BrandMeister  DMR-Marc   DMRplus , always having fantastic conversations.

A network that is many systems and not just one.  It seems fault information is being offer from some persons that do not know or understand.

Ham Radio is great, we are all enjoying and having fun with many entertaining conversations :)

Some recently have tried alienating conversation about reduced usage, suggesting a lack of users to be specific to one digital.  Suggesting reduced users on some HAM Radio modes, as claimed only on one digital.  Sadly because of his limited education in a subject and his bias to the information, he is spewing out his views that are false.

Recently because of extreme racist abuses on HAM Radio,  the very repeater this biased ignoramus maintains and is the temporary repair guy for this now Failed club,  many talk about this failed club and "abuses" in subjects on the surrounding area repeaters and networks.   

The result of reduced volumes and HAM radio users in the city of Toronto is many reasons.

Suggesting a lack of users to be specific to one digital is obserd,  but coupled with the fact of a "TARGETED" abuse to an individual on the very repeaters his many alienating conversations are on,  as highlighted by many website if searching for the subject.  Extreme racist abuse would be the "REDUCED HAM RADIO USERS" on the repeaters in Toronto Ontario Canada, as noted by many, NOT the alienating as spewed by this inept ignoramus as shared on the one repeater typical of hatred, as heard on recordings.

What was pre (2) two years, a fantastic repeater system and club TFMCS network is now a cesspool and is in disrepair as maintained by the very individual that spreads and spews trash.

To the regret and sadness of many his limited knowledge on the subject and his agenda to spread hate as shown and proven over many years.

The following is important to highlight as a few mild stones in the wonderful hobby of HAM radio and digital,  maybe we can be less of haters and support each other.

This subject of digital as in DMR is an Exploding system compared to anything in HAM Radio, bar none,

First and so we are clear, we understand someone with a CB mentally and with targeted abuses quieted and muted many HAM off of the FM analog and DMR repeaters to an inferior digital.

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HAM Radio the Explosion of Digital and why the Growth in CANADA


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