HAM RADIO Criminal Activity Toronto Southern Ontario Canada

HAM RADIO Criminal Activity Toronto Southern Ontario Canada
The Reason For The Shut Down of The Toronto CANADA Repeaters.

Criminal Activity: Canadian HAM Operator using Business Repeater(s) UHF Capacity Plus Encrypted Conversations in Southern Ontario Canada for 20 years.

This information highlights illegal activities for many years in the Toronto area of Canada and the Criminal activity that is monitored.

This shared proof represents just a small span of 'criminal' time. All events have been collected from the active monitoring. It is intercepted 40-bit encrypted communication [a small span of time] of the 17abt years in Toronto by HAM Radio operators communicating on UHF Capacity Plus system frequencies illegally in Toronto.

We hope these individuals may at some point consider contributing back to this wonderful hobby of HAM Radio instead of trying to circumvent exploit illegally public services and businesses in Southern Ontario of Canada.

However, if these individuals feel "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious" quote-A.E. We hope the ramification of the criminal activities does not send them "a red-faced wepting" during a bail hearing.

The use of encrypted UHF Capacity Plus system frequencies in Toronto by HAM Operators

link here :    http://bit.ly/hamcrime324
link here :     http://bit.ly/hamcrime118

UPDATE :: The HAM community has contacted the commercial businesses and .....  Agencies

Between Friday, November 3, 2017 and Tuesday, November 14, 2017, these hams transmitted illegally on 'the company name' UHF Capacity Plus system frequencies in Toronto :

VA3HBO William Marquis / Mr. Bill / hempster  
VE3KFQ Doug Hodgson 
VE3AEP Domenic Narducci 
VE3DJZ Huey (Tony) Salmon
VE3CQI Victor Hill

Amateur Radio Operator Search | Industry Canada Locator
 https://apc-cap.ic.gc.ca › ... › Amateur Radio Operator Certificates

This is their initial voice traffic, recorded on Friday, November 3, 2017.

On DMR-MARC Canada wide, VA3HBO said "People who know me call me William" but this audio proves he was lying. Lying is a common theme with VA3HBO.

It's also clear from the audio that they're on a Capacity Plus system and that it's owned by 'the company name' and that they're on it illegally.

Initial.mp3: (nfw - caution language)

Audio highlights:
0:04 William Marquis VA3HBO's first transmission on 'the company name' Capacity Plus
0:04 William Marquis VA3HBO (va3bbc789), Doug Hodgson VE3KFQ:we are all here
0:16  VA3HBO  test, TEST, Test .....
0:31  VA3HBO: I have no audio,  VE3KFQ: on me
1:57  VE3AEP Dom: Is it working | VE3HBO: ya I can hear you,  then it's working
2:15  VE3AEP Dom:  full scale
2:28  each code, ID 504,  what number are you Dom:503, i'm Adam:504,  Dog is 505
4:15 it's not digital it's Capacity Plus, Mr. Bill, not conventional!
5:00 the first person
5:30 Capacity Plus again,  VE3HBO VE3KFQ VE3CQI group 250 or group 300,
5:56 VA3HBO i can shut down the other repeater
6:10  take it to Mobile Business to get it auto tuned
6:20 referencing RadioReference, new people, 'the company name', encrypted traffic
7:15 VE3AEP DOM: i need another number for the mobil, VE3HBO add VE3KFQ:506
8:20 Tony (VE3DJZ) and Victor VE3CQI get to play as well
9:50 more Capacity Plus
10:10 make it talkgroup 250 !
11:15 VE3HBO we have to come up with an encryption key
11:40 Victor VE3CQI I will make up the encryption key, give me a minute
13:40 VE3AEP Dom:  I thought the key was already made,  VE3HBO we are making two
16:05 VE3HBO we are making up two  encryption key, one for tony VE3DJZ and the nig. to.
16:35 more abuse, black radios matter
19:45 we're here for a good time, not a long time

The contact list is :
VA3HBO William Marquis / Mr. Bill / hempster   #501
VE3KFQ Doug Hodgson   #505 #506
VE3AEP Domenic Narducci   #503  #504  #505
VE3DJZ Huey (Tony) Salmon   #507
VE3CQI Victor Hill   #508 #509

Sushi.mp3: (nfw - caution language)

Audio highlights:

0:05 wait until 'the company name' sees that
0:30 delete it!
1:35 it's VE3DJZ Tony/Huey!
1:45 "Talkgroup 250, encrypted - that's us!"
5:30 Tony/Huey VE3DJZ logic: "His dad is English and his mum's Korean - so he's English/Japanese"
6:30 he's taking it down!
7:30 let's pirate other commercial systems
11:45 Tony/Huey VE3DJZ cops to pirating on a Hamilton commercial system...
13:00 ...for 5 years, as well as Talk Wireless' Capacity Plus in Niagara
13:30 Doug and Domenic also cop to pirating on the same systems

On November 6, 2017, RadioReference user mbstone99 (aka Sushi) posted that he observed encrypted traffic on talkgroup 250 on 'the company name' Capacity Plus system. VE3DJZ was tasked with contacting Sushi ASAP

link here :

RadioReference (forum post)

link here :

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